Third Time’s A Charm: Georgia Judge Issues Third Order in Sidney Powell Case

UPDATE: (11/29/20 11:47 PM): Federal Judge Timothy Batten, Sr. has issued a third order in the suit Sidney Powell filed in Georgia. After seemingly reversing his second order, Judge Batten wrote: “Defendants are hereby ENJOINED and RESTRAINED fromaltering, destroying, or erasing, or allowing the alteration, destruction, or erasure of, any software or data on any Dominion voting machine in Cobb, Gwinnett, and Cherokee Counties.”

This is the third order issued in the case, Pearson v. Kemp, today. Read the order here: https://www.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.gand.284055/gov.uscourts.gand.284055.14.0.pdf

UPDATE (11/29/20 6:15 PM ET): Judge Timothy Batten, Sr. has issued a second order, seemingly reversing his first order from earlier this afternoon. Batten wrote: “”Plaintiffs have not demonstrated that county election officials are within Defendants’ control….to the extent Plaintiffs seek emergency relief to impound and preserve the voting machines, that request is denied.”

Attorney Lin Wood responding to the second order

ATLANTA — On Sunday, a federal district judge in Georgia, Timothy Bratten, Sr., granted a request to stop election officials in Georgia from wiping or resetting any voting machines until further direction from the court.

The judge did not, however, allow for the the voting machines to be impounded.

The suit, Pearson v. Kemp, was filed earlier this week by Sidney Powell.

Read the first order here: https://beta.documentcloud.org/documents/20417863-order-in-pearson-v-kemp

Read second order here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y/SECOND%20ORDER%20-%20PEARSON%20v.%20KEMP%2011.29.2020.pdf?dl=0

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  1. Sidney Powell my name is Rubin Young and I’m a Patriot whose willing to give his time working with you to help the President with whatever you need for me to do. We must protect the Presidency.

  2. The bad actors probably reset the machines to factory settings overnight while the GOP leadership slept, lol

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