πŸ‘€ MUST WATCH: Passionate Witness Makes Plea to MI Senate Committee: ‘Do something about it!’

A passionate witness of fraud makes a plea Michigan Senate Committee: “Do something about it!”

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  1. Every poll worker/challenger has the same story, we were unable to challenge ballots in MI, and one of the witnesses said that in a sample of 30k votes, 229 were dead, and 8% (if I’m not misremembering) were registered in churches, parking lots… We don’t need Dominion to be an issue, a proper challenge of ballots needs to occur

  2. Joe forbidden and crayons Harris are a national disgrace. The people, fake and real, voting for them are just as pathetic.

  3. BringBackBetter!! Your comment is about as pathetic as trump’s presidency and his run at this election..he lost..The popular vote twice ( I bet that really bugs him.) Now he is just fleecing $$ out of his cult followers..that’s WHAT’S PATHETIC!!

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