šŸšØBREAKING: Trump Team Says 40,000 People Voted Twice in Nevada

This morning, Trump attorney Jesse R. Binnall joined Maria Bartiromo. During the interview, Binnall told Bartiromo that by 5:00 p.m. today, the Trump legal team will submit specific evidence of voter fraud in Nevada, including evidence that more than 40,000 people voted twice.

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  1. This is an attempt by China and their friends to take over the USA. If it is allowed to persist we will have chosen subjection to Marxism and will not find any peace in those circumstances.. It seems that too many Americans are all to happy to give up our constitutional government in the interest of fake peace. Our peace has been constantly disturbed the media and Democrats not by Trump.

  2. Quick! Get William Barr out to dismiss the impact!


    Barrā€™s Justice Department couldnā€™t find a steaming pile of Democrat corruption if they stepped in it with both feet!

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