Smoking gun? Reported ‘leaked video’ shows Chinese company agreeing to print phony US ballots.

A recent video floating around the internet reports to show a “leaked” telephone call between a Chinese printing company and a customer.

During the call the men, talking in mandarin, discuss a deal to print phony ballots for the US presidential election.

Is the video legit? You be the judge.


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  1. Hard to know. It’s odd that they call it “Kwangtung” … that’s how a Taiwanese (or maybe Hong Kong) person would write Guangdong. No person from mainland China would ever use that spelling. The language of the two men does match: both speaking Mandarin, but with clear Cantonese accents, as you would expect from someone in Guangdong (or a Hong Kong person speaking Mandarin). The red logo on the window in the background is the logo of the Bank of China… not sure what that would be doing there in a printing office. Also problematic is that the voice-over never mentions “ballots”… they could be talking about any printing job, so it’s uncertain if the images and the video align. The yellow warning label on the desk looks problematic: it’s too blurry to read the characters, but they all look very dense … suggests traditional characters, not the simplified version used in mainland China. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a fake made in Hong Kong where the warning label would use traditional characters. There aren’t enough clues to be sure.

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