Biden wins 98% of one batch of 23,487 votes in Georgia during alleged SuitCaseGate

A video has surfaced showing that at 12:18 AM ET on November 4, 98 percent of one batch of 23,487 votes all went for Biden in Georgia. This is statistically unlikely.

Moreover, it appears this unlikely batch of Biden votes was entered at about the same time alleged Suitcasegate was occurring at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.


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  1. Look we get it. You’re trying to sound impartial by calling a 98% dump for Biden “unlikely”, but you just end up sounding PC-silly. 98% for one candidate in a batch that large doesn’t happen.

  2. Obviously the people in on this were communicating by phone just before, during at the end of the fraud. There will be evidence on phones of Conspiracy. On the Statefarm video i can see a man talking on a phone at the end of the video.Obviously checking in to “Boss”. get those phone records and eventually you can get back to the organizers over a 12 month period. Time for identities of people whom entered those high percentage votes to be investigated.Does the machine allow name logs on persons entering votes? Is that why they are so keen to wipe machines?To erase and destroy time and I.D data?

  3. Now we will see Democrats try to shut down the Country with Virus scare, so they can frustrate and block audit and investigations of vote fraud.
    The same tactic used by them with BLM and Antifa to distract the Country leading up to the elections so they could rig the system.
    All this could only come from the top.

  4. Why doesn’t the Edison input data to the media data collection include the actual vote count for each candidate. Instead it gives %. With only 2 to 3 decimal points (as your analysis indicates) the running vote total for the candidates will not be accurate. The data needs the actual vote count for each candidate so you can compare the sum of the candidates to the total. DUH!!!

  5. Need to look for the CCTV evidence form all states wherever the spikes appear. Catch the whole lot of them

  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ap-fact-check-trump-floods-rally-with-audacious-falsehoods/ar-BB1bFFWA?ocid=msedgntp

  7. The title is misleading…it’s actually worse than that!

    The NY Times data used in the video consists of 1) a total number of votes, and 2) rounded (to one decimal place) percentages of the total vote earned by Trump and Biden. These rounded percentages introduce ambiguity, that’s why the video concludes *at least* 98% went for Trump.

    Actually, there is better NY Times data available (link below)… I’ve looked at the precise vote counts (not ambiguous percentages) and updates for individual counties and found the following:

    1) Trump actually received *negative* votes (-)2885 from the update in question, while Biden received 26016.

    2) In contrast, the Perdue vs. Ossoff senate race received what appear to be normal vote totals (breaking ~20% for Biden)…so whatever glitch or fraud took place did not affect down ballot races.

    3) The update in question came from Bibb County, GA, i.e., NOT Fulton County where suitcasegate was ongoing.

    4) This vote counting anomaly shows up in election night broadcasts by the MSM!

    The fuller analysis of the above conclusions is available here: https://github.com/d0ntw84f8/election2020-timeseries-data/blob/main/house-senate-president/election2020-timeseries-bibb-county-example.ipynb

    The supporting data can be found at the following Github repository: https://github.com/d0ntw84f8/election2020-timeseries-data

  8. Hey Love this Absolutely brilliant. But I only found this today by chance. You have to get this uot there.

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