Georgia lawsuit alleges 87,000 illegal votes

President Trump and Georgia GOP chairman David Shafer filed a massive lawsuit on Thursday, alleging that more than 87,000 illegal ballots were cast in Georgia’s 2020 General Election. The 

The suit alleges the following illegal votes:

— More than 395 people voted twice.
— 2,423 people voted who were not registered.
— As many as 2,560 felons voted.
— 2,664 people received absentee ballots outside the deadline.
— 4,926 people voted who were registered in another state.
— 8,718 dead people voted.
— 66,247 underage residents cast ballots.

These illegal votes were identified on a drastically condensed schedule and without the vast evidentiary tools, like warrants, afforded to criminal investigators when voter fraud is suspected. But to date, no law enforcement agency has publicly stepped in, so Trump and his allies have been left on their own to pursue lawsuits.

In civil court, judges have shifted the evidentiary goalposts, indicating that they expect vast and overwhelming amounts of evidence on the front end to allow the Trump lawsuits to proceed. Yet, these courts have blocked Trump lawsuits from moving to the civil discovery phase where Trump lawyers could use powerful tools like subpoenas and depositions to uncover further evidence of fruad. 

The Trump suit asserts that Republican poll watchers were blocked from meaningful observation of the recount in Georgia. The suit further asserts that Fulton County officials deliberately misinformed the GOP that it was stopping counting on election night and instructed Republican watchers to leave the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

The complaint also alleges Georgia officials were woefully lax in conducting meaningful absentee ballot signature verification and voter identification. The suit notes the unexplained decline in Georgia’s absentee ballot rejection rates. 

In 2016, the rate of rejection was 2.90% and resulted in 6,059 votes being tossed out. The rate increased to 3.46% in 2018. But this year, even though more people voted by mail than ever before, the rejection rate fell to a historic low of just 0.34%. So far, only 4,471 ballots have been rejected in Georgia. 

The suit alleges that if Georgia officials conducted a legitimate signature verification, upwards of 38,000 ballots would be rejected in Georgia based on historical rejection figures. 

The lack of legitimate absentee signature verification combined with the tens of thousands of identified illegal votes forms a pattern of widespread and purposeful fraud intermingled with government mismanagement and abuse.

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