Sidney Powell Sends Ominous Warning

December 12, 2020 | 11:00 AM ET

After the Supreme Court dismissed the Texas election lawsuit, Sidney Powell tweeted out a message telling Americans to “pay attention” to the emergency filings she made late last night.

Sidney Powell said, “We the People will not allow rigged elections.” Powell told supporters her filings would prove “massive fraud.”

She spoke with Greg Kelly last night after the Supreme Court tossed the Texas case:

Powell’s message:

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  1. It’s time for the people to rise and create a spectacle so large its impossible to ignore. We need to force Democrats to acknowledge the cheat in all its forms, and hold them accountable. That means NOT BACKING DOWN. Every day on their doorstep. Every day.

  2. Don’t give up the fight Trump 2020 four more years I’m still flying my trump flag in front of my house with pride

  3. The rigged election has to be dealt with now for the American People. Never ever let this happen again, We the People want fair elections or there or we will be divided forever

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