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BREAKING: Michigan judge orders RELEASE of audit report on Dominion voting machines

December 14, 2020 | 09:15 ET

Moments ago, Michigan state judge Kevin Elensheimer ordered the release of a redacted report on the results of an examination of the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County, Michigan.

The results had been shielded by a protective order, but this morning, Judge Elensheimer removed that order, clearing the way for the audit results to go public.

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The judge further ordered that the case move to the discovery phase and mentioned the case could go to trial by April of 2021.

The hearing was conducted by ZOOM and streamed live on YouTube this morning.

The release of the report is a major victory for President Trump and his supporters, who have called into question the Dominion machines.

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  1. This is the plan all along. There was never any reason to withhold the report last week except to stall for time. Today, the “sanctified” day of the electoral college vote, is perceived by the left as V-T Day and that anything that happens legally going forward can and will be nullified politically. Mark my words, the institutions and people who have all vehemently resisted the fraud cases and clear evidence (to the destruction of their professional credibility) will suddenly now be open to “taking a look” in one form or another—benignly of course. If they think a “post mortem” examination of “irregularities” is going to soothe or placate 70+ million patriots, you’re out of your mind. Watch for EO to be invoked on Friday after DNI submits report. No turning back after that.

  2. Do it now before it is too late Denial denial by the supreme court do it now I mean now we cannot have a slick sly dishonest corrupt to the core liar in the white house this will be the destruction of america.

  3. De pie y de frente co tra el cabal comunista jamás nos arrodillarnos sólo ante Díos y nuesteo señor Jesucristo Rey de Reyes y señor de señores amén Dios está en control le creemos a Dios esperamos en su promesa de justicia y libertad para esta gran Nación y todas las nació es del mundo atravez de la gran América en el poderoso nombre de Jesús amen bendicio Bendiciones!.

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