BREAKING: Maricopa County Board Refuses to Allow Audit of Dominion Machines


PHOENIX — The Maricopa Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 today defy the state lawmakers and resist complying with legislative subpoenas. Instead of allowing a transparent audit, the board voted to file a lawsuit against lawmakers in Arizona state court to block the enforcement of the subpoenas.

The Chairman of the Board, Clint Hickman (R), described the subpoenas as unrealistic and unconstitutional.

The subpoenas were issued earlier this week by Arizona lawmakers, who sought to force an audit of Dominion voting machines used by Maricopa County.

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  1. See, innocent people would want transparency. People who’ve done nothing wrong would wholeheartedly support a full and transparent investigation to verify that the election was clean. People who put up cardboard on the windows and hire lawyers to block transparency are telegraphing less than innocence.

  2. Proves they are hiding
    Something if they don’t want transparency!! And the work for the taxpayers…what a joke!!

  3. Translation: Maricopa Board of Supervisors: “There are some facts we just don’t want made known…”

  4. This non compliance from this county to a court order is simply treason. Non transparency and non compliance equals hand cuffs. Are with living in a country where laws mean anything or in a corrupt state ruled by people who have something to hide. This is totally a crime and those who are responsible should be arrested immediately. You are screwing around with 75 million people who deserve honest answers and total transparency. This is the USA.

  5. Note that three REPUBLICANS are among the stonewallers. The long GOP knives were really out for DJT, no?

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