DEBUNKED: No shouting match at Supreme Court — building was closed

December 18, 2020 | 11:30 AM ET

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Last night, the Wiz predicted the rumors about the Supreme Court justices screaming and cursing over the Texas election case was most likely fake news. It sounded too good to be true. Plus, the source of the information, an unnamed Supreme Court clerk, seemed off. SCOTUS clerks are not prone to leak and court is notorious for being a tightly run ship.

FAKE NEWS CLAIM: “The Justices went into a closed room…When Texas case was brought up he said he heard screaming through the walls as Justice Roberts and the other liberal Justices were insisting…afraid of what would happen if they did right thing…Moral cowardice”

According to the Epoch Times, the Supreme Court spokesperson announced:

“The Court has been conducting its conferences remotely by phone since March when the building closed due to the pandemic.”

The spox’s claim checks out. The court has indeed been conducting hearings and deliberations (conferences) remotely by phone since the spring due to COVID-19. Moreover, the Supreme Court building has been closed.

Thus, the justices were never in “closed room” when they discussed the Texas lawsuit. They spoke about the case by phone.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the rumored shouting match is disinformation. You got played.

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  1. Perhaps the Right has finally recognized they need to return disinformation fire to counter the Democrat’s long standing unilateral and unconventional narrative war.

    (Granted, their insidious “long walk through the institutions of power” have given them a far greater megaphone.)

    Hopefully Republicans will adopt the Left’s “by any means necessary” strategy of personal destruction to use against their political opponents.

    The post-truth broadside at Roberts should be a prelude to an unrelenting propaganda campaign against the Left.

    The cartoonish and vapid members of the “Squad” are easy targets of opportunity for mockery, innuendo, half truths, and outright expedient lies.

    Follow the dirty money and their “identity” shields” will crumble.

    The treatment of Kavanaugh, Nunes, Flynn, and Carter Page should have made even the most Milquetoast Republicans aware that their “political “Marquis of Queensbury rules of engagement” are obsolete.

    As “they” say: “Fair exchange is no robbery.”

  2. What about the phone conversation Lin Wood spoke of?

    What about John Roberts being on the Lolita Express?

  3. go back to the original article and read the comments.
    ONE PERSON at least warned readers NOT TO BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY READ ON THE INTERNET and was downvoted at will. Thousands of “reasonable conservatives” chiming in to trash Roberts mercilessly. Roberts is evil enough to trash with truth that we do not need to be like the left and spread lies on top of it all. It HURTS our cause.

    I hope CFP learns a lesson from this.

  4. If it was closed, how did they make the judgement? Surely their clerks would have been onsite. So calling it fake news is a bit premature, no?

  5. What about the possibility that the conversation was actually a TELCON, but revealing that would reveal the leaker?

  6. Does that mean a shouting match could not have occurred over Zoom? Perhaps the story got the location wrong.

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