FLASH: Pentagon halts Biden transition briefings

12/18/2020 | 09:45

Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller ordered a Pentagon-wide halt to cooperation with the transition of President-elect Biden, shocking officials across the Defense Department, senior administration officials tell Axios.


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  1. Biden is a National Security threat and shod never have been allowed into those briefings to begin with!

  2. President Trump
    What are you waiting for lock them all up they would not hesitate to do it to you

  3. The article that is linked to this page states the President Trump administration finally recognized Biden as President-elect. That is incorrect.

  4. Do something ! What are you waiting for? President Trump..
    We want you back into the White House…

  5. If elected by Congress, the Biden Team will pose a grave danger to the future of America. Senility and a Lust for Power will prove the statement, if it should be allowed to occur.

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