Rev. Franklin Graham: I believe Trump, election was stolen


The Rev. Franklin Graham said Saturday that President Donald Trump has been right on many issues during his presidency, and when he says the election was rigged or stolen, “I tend to believe him.”

“The President has been maligned, falsely accused, and attacked on every front since before the election in 2016,” Graham posted on his Facebook page. “When President Trump says that this election has been rigged or stolen, I tend to believe him. He has a track record of being right.”

Read Graham’s full post below:

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  1. Can some talented person tell me if my idea is absurd or practical.

    All Republican/Democrat Poll watchers and Poll Lawyers can have China virus vaccine before the Georgia election.

    Thus this will allow ALL Republican Poll watchers to sit at the same table as officials and be INSIDE the vote counting areas.

    Now lets see the DEMOCRAT EXPERTS go bananas and say that it is dangerous.

    Brian Kemp or Donald Trump can both do an Executive order to ensure that this is done.


    Checkmate, Brian Kemp

  2. Graham must have had tremendous blowback when he abandoned our great President a few days ago. Good sign of Trump support!

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