Georgia House Speaker Lied to Trump, Lawmaker Says

December 21, 2020

In an interview with The Georgia Star News on Friday, State Representative David Clark (R-Buford) alleged that Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston (R-Blue Ridge) has no intention to follow through on a promise he made to President Trump during a phone call earlier this month.

Rep. Clark alleged that in a phone conversation, Ralston promised President Trump he would use his power and influence to convene a special session of the Georgia General Assembly, for the purpose of reviewing the state’s Electors.

Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston

Clark further alleged Speaker Ralston mislead the president by telling him that he would collect enough signatures to convene a special session.

“But Ralston lied to Trump. He is always playing games,” Clark told the publication. Rep. Clark made clear the Georgia speaker has no intention of lifting a finger to make good on his promise to the President.


Rep. Clark’s comments come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed the debacle in Georgia. Ralston’s big talk but no action seems right in line with Georgia’s spineless GOP leadership, a point President Trump made earlier today on Twitter.

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President Trump said the GOP officials are slow-walking the signature verification audit underway in Cobb County and blocking a similar audit from taking place in Fulton County

Trump called on the Republican leaders to step up and fight the fraud. “…will not be able to win on January 5th. unless these people allow Signature Verification in presidential race. K & D need it for their race also, & Georgia spirit will rise to such a high that they will easily bring home a great victory. Move fast @BrianKempGA,” Trump tweeted.

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  1. David Ralston a lot of Veterans will be looking for you when we take back our country. We will hunt down every traitor

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