SCOOP: Trump Advisor Says VP Pence May Reject Fraudulent Biden Electors

The question of whether Vice President Mike Pence could read the GOP electors into the record is an open question of law.

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December 21, 2020

Trump 2020 adviser Boris Epshteyn said during an interview on Monday that Vice President Mike Pence may reject those slate of electors he finds fraudulent during a joint session of Congress on January 6.

Boris was responding to a question about how President Trump can still prevail.

“So when the time comes on January 6…” the Vice President can count the “correct electors…the electors based on the most legal votes,” Epshteyn said on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. “Let not forget that a week ago today, the Trump electors were sent to Congress…along with the Biden electors,” he continued. Epshteyn later said the Trump team is prepared to fight well past January 6 if Congress cannot certify a winner.

During the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, Vice President Mike Pence will be tasked with reading each states’ electors into the official record.

Some legal scholars have argued that where there are disputes over electors, the vice president has the legal authority to read into the record only that slate of electors which he believes is correct.

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On the other hand, different legal scholars say the vice president has no such power and may only read the slate of electors transmitted to the Congress by state officials.

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Which one of these positions is correct? We don’t have a definitive answer.

The question of whether Vice President Mike Pence could read the GOP electors into the record is an open question of law. The US Supreme Court has never been forced to resolve the question. But President Trump may force the issue in 2021, if Vice President Pence rejects some of Joe Biden’s electors.


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  1. I want democracy in action I want to know where the FBI is when Americans need them which is now working for Americans because without us there would not be America our tax dollars keep this country going strong and it’s time to give us what is due and the court justices are in the same boat Americans want the truth

  2. Complete forensic audit , aNd complete voter registration nationalized to verify citizenship, resident,and life status dead or.alive,and remove corrupt machines need open source ,transparency in everything especially signature verification and ballot votes and totals ,thsibshpukd be the most secure thing in the world, not what it was.
    As the christ star shines on our world it exposes the evil and fraud jan 6th day of ephinay Onward Christian soldiers expose the great deception

  3. How can anyone in their right mind not believe this election was a shame. Biden’s constituents masterminded the most shameful election theft in history. It’s time to right the wrong. Democracy as we know it is at risk. We the People need to corrected this problem immediately.

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