This One Chart Shows Why Democrats are Poised to Capture Georgia Senate Seats

December 21, 2020

I’ve been sounding the warning bells in Georgia for weeks. The writing is on the wall. Republicans must fight the steal tooth and nail.

Fighting the steal, indeed fighting for Trump, isn’t just about fixing the fraud in the presidential election; it’s also about securing the vote for the Georgia Senate runoffs and every other race to come. Moreover, it’s what the base of the party is demanding.

Instead of fighting, many within the GOP have capitulated, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The surrender to the fraud has demoralized and frustrated the base.

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The Wiz is always skeptical of reading too much into the tea leaves on early voting. That being said, as Nate Cohen points out, Democrats are running AHEAD of their early vote numbers in Georgia as compared to where they were before the November election. Yikes!

“A lot for Democrats to like in the early voting data over the last few days, as they are now running ahead of where they stood at a similar point of the general election–thanks to a stronger Black turnout,” Cohn tweeted.

Stacey Abrams & Co. is a formidable machine. Cohen predicts that given the current numbers, that Democrats have a “slightly” better edge. The Wiz agrees.

While it’s still winnable, Republicans have a real problem in Georgia. The GOP leadership needs fight the fraud and energize their base. But currently, the GOP leadership is doing the exact opposite, which is why Georgia is at-risk of being lost.

See Cohn’s tweets below:

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