Georgia Election Official and Trump Critic, Gabriel Sterling, Says Woman Fraudulently Voted Using His Address

12/22/2020 | 9:30 PM ET

ATLANTA – After spending weeks disputing claims of election fraud in Georgia, Voting Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling took to Twitter Tuesday afternoon to share that the previous owner of his home cast a ballot during presidential election.

“The woman I bought my home from over 2 yrs ago trying to vote from it absentee. I’ve filed official challenge to stop her from casting an apparently illegal vote. Not a glitch, she signed an oath stating she lives here to vote. That’s a false swearing,” wrote Sterling.

He added, “Illegal voting is how I’d classify it. Fraud implies a greater conspiracy. Another irony, Fair Fight sent her a reminder to get the absentee she requested in quickly. They sent it to her name…my address. The Fulton Elections Board has acted and stated that my challenge to the qualifications of the woman attempting to vote from the house I purchased from her 2 years ago meets probable cause.”

Sterling became a darling of CNN and MSNBC after he claimed the surveillance video from State Farm Arena showed no illegal action on the part of election workers.

Earlier this month, Sterling blasted President Trump for claiming there was fraud and told him to knock off the attacks on Georgia’s election officials. How ironic is it that a few weeks later, Sterling finds out the previous owner of his home used his address to commit voter fraud in the presidential election. That is poetic justice at its finest. Karma!

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