🔴 LIVE: Georgia Hearing on Election Fraud


Members in Georgia’s House of Representatives will hold a hearing on election fraud. The committee is expected to consider whether Georgia’s presidential election results should be decertified. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am ET.

Watch it LIVE as it happens here:

News broke yesterday afternoon that Georgia’s election was so insecure, that even the state’s top manager for voting systems was the victim of voter fraud.

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  1. I think if justice doesn’t prevail, then America is lost. I for one will no longer vote, because I don’t matter. If elections are rigged, Then why bother. Anyone with a half of brain can see the election is being stolen, but the government has been so busy dumbing us down…they believe we will fall for anything. We are not a stupid people, we are not sheep to be herded this way and that. The American people better wake up! No one can make me believe that Biden won this election by sitting on his butt at home. What he’s been on the campaign trail maybe three times if that much. Drawing a small crowd, while Trump campaigned night after night drawing record breaking crowds. And Biden still won the popular vote, over all past presidents! Really? This election was bought for Biden. The criminal element in government offices has tried to shut Trump down many times because he’s uncovered their dirty little secret transgressions. They are all traitors, their liars, thieves and only care about making their own pockets fat while taking from the American people. It’s a power play over who gets to be the playground bully. I’m sick of it. The media has spun their false rhetoric that we cannot even trust our own news sources, but that’s understandable since they were in on this crapshoot themselves. I pray Trump wins because I fear for our country if he doesn’t.

  2. I am in twitter prison right now . I live in Atl Ga and just want to mention how pissed off Brad Raffespeger can’t show his face on the zoom hearing and that his attorney is answering all his questions . No one makes challenging questions about how the SOS changed amended absentee signatures verification. It’s like a good ole boys meeting

  3. There was OBVIOUS FRAUD! It’s on video tape! De-certify. We deserve a FAIR and LEGAL election, not one with ballots counted from suitcases hidden under tables — after all the Republican watchers were thrown out!

  4. Unfortunately the government forgets so fast that American people are strong willed. There is a reason for them doing this. Fact of the matter is : something is wrong here. If the election was fair… Why are political figures worried about it? Half of America seem to think something is wrong. Let them prove there isn’t

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