GOP Leader Caught on Call Trying to Kill Trump’s $2,000 COVID Plan

December 24, 2020

GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) abruptly ended a call on Wednesday with House Republicans after they began leaking to the media about his effort to kill President Trump’s COVID-19 relief proposal that would include direct $2,000 payments to Americans.

Mediaite reports: In a private call with Republican lawmakers, McCarthy said he would move to block House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from winning unanimous consent for the measure, which President Donald Trump,numerous Democrats, and some Republicans have called on Congress to pass. However, he quickly realized that not all of his colleagues were on board with his plans.

McCarthy “just told members on call that somebody is leaking to the NYT … while on the call,” The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin noted on Twitter. McCarthy “terminated the call after revealing the leaks. ‘There is a New York Times reporter live-tweeting this,’ he said, noting that members may feel constrained.”

With friends like Leader McCarthy, President Trump doesn’t need enemies.

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  1. Cut the socialistic giveaways and you will have plenty of money for the US Citizens! You are all traitors to the American people who elected you, and you have clearly shown that you care more about other countries as well as domestic arts programs more then the businesses and employees of this country!

    • Exactly. Get people back to work. too. All jobs are essential. How did we/they ever allow the government to determine some weren’t

  2. Kill the bill until all of the rotted pork is stripped away. The government has shut down before and it’ll do it again. Critical missions will continue regardless. Do it right, now.

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