Loudspeaker announced ‘countdown’ before blast in Nashville, witnesses say

Police say explosion in Nashville was intentional act

December 25, 2020 | 10:40 AM ET | (Updated)

NASHVILLE — Nick Beres with WTVF in Nashville reports there was a loudspeaker warning people a bomb was about to be detonated in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. This warning went on for several minutes before a “countdown” began which led to the massive blast, witnesses say.

A police spokesman says investigators believe the Christmas Day blast was an “intentional act.” The spokesperson says the FBI & ATF are responding.

Witnesses told investigators they heard gunshots early in the morning and a message coming from an RV parked in the street warning anyone in the area to evacuate. Officers said they are looking into these reports.

Three people have been taken to the hospital, but officials say none of the injuries have been reported as critical.

UPDATE: Surveillance video captures ‘countdown’ message and blast in Nashville


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