GOP leaders oppose Tuberville objecting to Biden’s electoral count

December 25, 2020

Senate Republicans say Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will reach out to Sen.-elect Tommy Tuberville (Ala.) in an attempt to avoid a nasty fight next month over certifying the results of the Electoral College, the Hill reports. 

Senate Republican Whip John Thune (S.D.) told the Hill that GOP leaders will tell Tuberville that voting to suspend the tally of the Electoral College vote next month is pointless and politically damaging.

“Ultimately every senator will have to make their own decision about that but I think there will be people, yeah, reaching out to him just to kind of find out” what he’s going to do, Thune said of Tuberville’s intentions about the Electoral College tally on Jan. 6.

Earlier this month, Tuberville strongly hinted at plans to objected to Biden’s electoral count on Jan. 6.

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  1. Great info, but you guys need to hire an editor! Too many typos are robbing you of polish and tainting the validity of your reporting.

    • At this point, anybody on the right who doesn’t fight this steal is either a coward or is absolutely complicit in the theft of the election. Either way, we don’t need them and they should be blacklisted for future elections. They cannot be rewarded for doing nothing! Lead, follow
      or get out of the fucking way!

  2. I am sick to death of coward Repubs who say they “want to avoid a fight”!! What the hell are they elected for if not to fight every day for us, their constituents?? How else do they earn their taxpayer paid cushy existence?? They really do prefer to be in the minority, so they can avoid hard work and hard decisions, just sit at the back of the room and vote “yes” on dimocrat bills. You can tell who the corrupt ones are, like Mitch, bc they’re the ones lobbying Trump to just let the election cheating go, move on. They are scared stiff that the longer Trump is in office, the more at risk they are for their decades of bribes and corruption being exposed by him. They ride Trump’s coattails to slither into office and then, typically, turn on him after being elected.

  3. So Mitch McConnell is saying he wants socialism and will try to convince others not to stand up for our Republic. He could become the most hated person in government if he continues on this path. All of those in agreement with Mitch are traitors to this country and its people. Frankly, it appears that Mitch and his cronies have compromised and are fearful of retaliation of being exposed.

  4. I’m astounded that so many people still believe Trumps desperate lies.
    TRUMP DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION & he’s Very Angry that he didn’t win, because he has a MASSIVE personal debt that he has to pay in the near future, & he’s facing going to jail for a Very Long Time!! Hence his lies !!!

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