MUST SEE: Chopper footage shows war zone like scene in Nashville

December 25, 2020

NASHVILLE — Police are investigating a massive explosion that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning.

During a press conference, Nashville Police Chief John Drake said early this morning, police responded to a report of shots fired in the downtown area. Upon arrival at the scene, officers heard a recorded warning coming from a parked R.V., the chief says. Drake told reporters the message warned that a bomb would denote in “15 minutes.

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The chief says his officers responded by evacuating nearby buildings. Moments later, a blasted erupted from the R.V., injuring three people and damaging numerous buildings. Chief Drake said one officer was knocked off his feet during the blast. A police spokesperson says the bravery of responding officers saved lives.

Nashville police say the act was intentionally and they are pursuing all leads with the assistance of the FBI and ATF, but the perpetrator or people responsible for the blast remain unknown.


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