Mitt Romney Says $2,000 Checks For Americans Are Too Expensive: ‘We Can’t Just Have Free Money’

December 26, 2020

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah Sen. Mitt Romney (R) is at odds with President Trump again — this time over COVID relief payments.

On Monday, lawmakers came together on a COVID relief bill after months of negotiations. The final deal offered $600 stimulus payments to most Americans while setting aside billions of dollars for foreign countries and expensive pet project that had nothing to do with mitigating the impact of COVID-19.

President Trump hinted at vetoing the deal and called on congress to cut the wasteful spending ventures while increasing the amount in direct payments to American to $2,000 per person.

But according to KUTV, Mitt Romney said he opposes raising the amount to $2,000.

“If we went to $2,000 per person, the additional borrowing would be up to almost $500 billion,“ Romney said during a virtual meeting sponsored by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. “Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money.”

“Someone’s got to pay for that. We can’t just have free money.”

If “free money” was truly Romney’s concern, why didn’t object to the massively ridiculous spending in the deal, which included millions for Swamp projects, like $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan? Instead, Romney voted for the “America Last” boondoggle, which included $135 million fo Burma, $85 million for Cambodia, $130 million for Nepal, $700 million directed towards Sudan, and a cool $33 million for Venezuela. Only now that President Trump is pushing to raise the amount of direct payments to Americans has Romney suddenly become a budget hawk.

If Mitt Romney drew a principled line in the sand like Rand Paul, who believes stimulus spending is not the solution to the economic impact of COVID, Romney would have more creditable for taking a hard line against increasing stimulus payments to Americans. Instead, it appears Romney’s sudden fiscal restraint position is more about opposing President Trump than about reducing the national debt.

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  1. FREE MONEY! I would love to know where he thinks this money comes from in the first place? It comes from the very people he would deny having it. But giving it out overseas that is not free money? Really? These people have been in government for too long. Their brains are fried. I don’t think they know which way is up.

    • The hilarity is all Federal money is free money. If people would stop behaving like we are on the Gold Standard, which we haven’t been on since the Vietnam War, they would know that the US creates money and that its dollar is not a form of “debt”, a gold backed doller is an IOU that you can trade for what it is worth in gold, while the current dollar you can only get a new dollar.

      They do not want to give Americans money because it would upset the relations of Big Business to employees. One, all money is the PEOPLEs money, because the country is ruled by citizens, not representatives, the constitution actually makes that pretty clear. Two, the Representatives and the Rich are the new Aristocracy and the claim to that power is how they decide the only people who are allowed to be bailed out are the Rich. American workers lost 1.3 trillion dollars of income because of the pandemic while the Rich Gained 1 trillion dollars of income.By refusing to bail out the people the government biases the Employer, who can take advantage of cash starved Americans willing to work any low paying job so not to be homeless, effectively ensuring more people plunge into poverty as the Richest have all their risks socialized by the government.

      Since this pandemic hundreds of thousands of small businesses have been allowed to die, so big business can take further share of the market. This means employment will get tougher because big stores need less locations and can cover more products. It is pretty clear that the government has chosen the winners which are large multinationcal companies over US citizens and Local/Small businesses. For the two parties the goal is one thing, making their class, most of the Represetatives are Rich and apart of the Upper class, as rich and secure as possible, and the way they measure their prosperity is by their fortunes in relation to everyone else.

      Mitt Romney, a very rich man, does not care one iota for the American people. He only cares about enriching the Businesses and Donors who give him and his party money.

  2. Mittens Romney is an ignorant lying anti-Trump un-American leftist POS RINO. First of all, the Chinese virus relief bill should not have been combined with the massive bloated Omnibus spending bill. In fact, all bills need to be Stand Alone, no more than three pages that members of Congress have to abide by. It is obvious from Mittens statement that he is not pro-American. He is an Establishment corporate GLOBALIST, unlike President Donald Trump who puts America and American interests first and reversing the detrimental policies of the Hussein Obama Regime. Trump also wants to cut spending and has removed many duplicitous regulations. Mittens says there is no Anerican TAXPAYER money for the American people, many of them out of work do to draconian authoritarian unlawful un-Constitutionsl orders by authoritarian tyrannical DemonRAT Governors and Mayors, but there is plenty of money to give to people in countries around the World. So if there is not enough to go around you eliminate money going elsewhere BTW Mittens, you are not a Senator of the World. You are an American Senator. Hopefully, nit for long. Utahans, get rid of this RINO when he us up for reelection.

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  5. Are you for real, a lot of businesses are being destroyed and made to stay closed because of democrats. 2000 is too much for Americans but 1800 is not expensive for illegals??! Some of ya all need to go, we pay your salary and you work for the American people which most of ya have forgotten! The only President ever for the American people is Trump! We love you President Trump!!!

  6. Give billions to the countries that hate us and give those same tax payers that made up all those billions nothing!
    Same political BS we hear everyday from useless politicians.

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