Nashville Mayor Rightly Refuses To Call Bombing An Act of Terrorism

December 28, 2020

The Nashville mayor, John Cooper, took heavy flak following the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville when he smirked on camera after being questioned about the blast.

Those criticisms aside, Nash is 100 percent correct in refusing to rush to judgment and classify the bomber as a terrorist.

In an interview with CNN, the mayor said, “I think everybody, the U.S. Attorney, the FBI, has been very careful not to use the “T” word here, because it’s not consistent with “T” word actions, there is no manifesto or political statement…”

The mayor is correct. 18 U.S. Code § 2331 defines “terrorism” as an act that appears to be intended to intimated or coerce the civilian population, or to influence the policy of the government by intimidation or coercion.

Without evidence that the bomber intended to carry out his act in furtherance of a policy or political goal, classifying the bombing as an act of terrorism is inappropriate under the law.


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