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Scott Adams: The computer nerds found the ‘Kraken’ — ‘Looks like Trump won’

January 1, 2021

During his latest episode of “Coffee with Scott Adams,” the creator of the Dilbert, Scott Adams, said it looks like Trump won based on the latest news out of Georgia.

Adams said until now, it’s been difficult to wrap our minds around what occurred in the 2020 election because it’s “complicated.” But Adams said that changed this week.

Adams explained that if alleged election fraudsters made any alleged mistakes, it was getting “computer nerds” interested. “Until the nerds were interested, it was the prefect crime,” Adams remarked.

Adams asked, “Do you know what nerds can do?” The nerds can “simplify,” he replied.

Adams explained that the “nerds,” a label who uses lovingly, were reportedly able to access the computer logs and analyze the data. The analysis reveled that President Trump’s vote count turned negative at exactly the same time that Joe Biden’s count went positive in Georgia.

Adams was referring to a presentation given during a Georgia Senate hearing this week.

Adams noted that the Georgia Senate committee passed unanimously and with bipartisan support a report demonstrating the election was stolen from Trump, called for auditing Fulton County’s Absentee ballots, and pushed to de-certify the election.

Adams said time will tell whether Democrats can debunk the computer experts, but as of now, Trump enters 2021 having won the 2020 election.

WATCH (18:45 mark):

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  1. There is already plenty of proof. But legislators don’t care! They know they cheated they are cramming Biden in no matter what.

  2. If the GOP does NOT help Trump…I WILL vote against the GOP from now until eternity! I would rather have a politician that knows he is dirty and doesn’t hide it than a traitor acting like a Patriot! We are going to hell in a handbasket anyway if Trump does not get in. Biden is not our President and the WHOLE country KNOWS it! So why aren’t we in D.C. marching…calling and emailing our congressmen where we jam up their email and phones? We need to tell them that if they don’t stop this charade and verbally get out there for Trump…they are finished business! They can’t get elected on donor funds…they need votes unless of course they have a pact with Dominion. I wouldn’t put it past some of our traitorous Senators! They make me ill!!

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