Sen. Hawley challenges Sen. Toomey to a debate on the Senate floor

January 2, 2020

Sen. Josh Hawley (MO-R) fired back after Sen. Pat Toomey (PA-R) and others raise concerns about his plans — along with at least 11 other GOP senators — to object to the electoral vote count when a joint session of Congress meets Jan. 6, per email sent to Senate GOP Conference tonight.

Hawley told Toomey that instead of debating the issue by press release, Toomey should perhaps debate him on the Senate floor.

Read full statement:

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  1. Senator Hawley is following the law. Shocking after listening to Senator McConnell and watching him huddle with Nancy Pelosi. Why isn’t Hawley Senate Majority leader? Republicans deserve a leader that acts for the people, not one to cuddle with democrats. I doubt there is one democrat that has the will to look out for republicans. Nuff said.

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