Special Election Coverage: Georgia Senate Races

Jan. 5, 2021


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11:18 PM:

11:11 PM: Unreal…

10:56 PM:

10:54 PM: Here we go again…

10:43 PM: The vote count out of the ATL metro is slowing….

10:28 PM

10:13 PM: Twitter hits Wasserman with a warning for calling the race.

10:10 PM:

9:38 PM:

9:25 PM: BREAKING: Kelly Loeffler has taken the lead.

9:16 PM:

9:13 PM

FYI: Cherokee County is a big Republican stronghold.

9:06 PM: BREAKING: David Perdue just took the lead over Jon Ossoff.

8:55 PM:

Dems are performing better in rural Washington and Jefferson counties. Perdue won barely Washington in Nov. He’s currently behind in Washington with an estimated 96% reporting.

8:40 PM:

8:35 PM:

8:24 PM:

8:20 PM:

Ossoff 56% | 921,800

Perdue 44% | 715,653

Warnock 57% | 927,962

Loeffler 43% | 709,039

Est. 39% reporting.

8:11 PM:

8:02 PM

8:01 PM: Perdue and Loeffler are running ahead of their Nov. 3 performance in Webster County with 99% of the vote in.

7:55 PM: Democrats are running a couple points ahead in Douglas County (ATL area) as compared to the Nov. 3 results.

7:45 PM:

7:42 PM:

Ossoff 53% | 235,976

Perdue 47% | 207,689

Warnock 54% | 237,702

Loeffler 46% | 205,958

7:33 PM Perdue is running behind his Nov. 3 performance in Camden County with an estimated 63% of precincts in the county reporting. Perdue won the county by 64%. Currently, he’s at 58%.

7:28 PM: Warnock is out-performing Ossoff in the ATL metro currently, but Ossoff appears to be doing slightly better in the more rural areas.

7:25 PM: Fulton County early votes are now pouring in.

7:20 PM:

Ossoff 74% | 83,112

Perdue 26% | 29,549

Warnock 74% | 83,832

Loeffler 26% | 37, 886

7:11 PM: Very early results show Ossoff and Warnock leading Perdue and Loeffler in Burke County. Warnock is running slightly behind Ossoff. That being said, it’s only handful of votes, so don’t draw too many conclusions.

7:01 PM: “General consensus is GOP needs 1M+ to turn out on Election Day, and to win election day by a 2-to-1 margin. So far, turnout looks to be heading that way, but Dem counties doing better. Going to be very close.” — Robert Barnes

7:00 PM: The polls are now closed.

6:44 PM: DeKalb County hit their 2020 presidential in-person voting levels at about 6:15 PM. DeKalb went heavily for Joe Biden.


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