BREAKING: Stephanie Bice announces she’ll object to Biden votes from “certain states” today

Jan. 6, 2020

Oklahoma’s newly-elected Rep. Stephanie Bice (R) said in a statement Wednesday that she will object to the Electoral College votes from “certain states.”

In the statement, Bice wrote the following:

“Today, I will be voting to challenge the electoral votes of certain states to ensure the security of our nation’s election process. Unfortunately, some states did not follow their own state election laws, jeopardizing their citizens’ confidence in our election process. In my home state of Oklahoma, we conducted a fair and transparent election that should be a model for states across the nation. All Americans deserve to have the same level of confidence that Oklahomans have in our state’s electoral system. 

“While I understand these actions will not alter the outcome of this election, I intend to cast my vote to shine a light on these issues and to ensure the integrity of the nation’s elections. As a former state senator, I voted to uphold the security of our 2020 elections, and I will do the same in Congress today. Americans must have a fair and secure voting process.”

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