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Limbaugh: Democrats are ‘scared to death’ of Trump releasing classified documents

Rush Limbaugh told listeners on Friday that Democrats are still petrified of Donald Trump and his ability to reveal all of the Swamp’s dark secrets.

Democrats are nervous that President Trump will release the documents that show how Democrats broke the law for years in their attempts to overturn the 2016 election.

Via Rush Limbaugh:

I swear. The entire Washington establishment is poised. They are recoiling in fear. They are cowering in fear in the corners. They are scared to death of Donald Trump. They are scared to death of you. You have been defeated. You have been vanquished. Donald Trump has been vanquished. But he hasn’t left. He hasn’t left town. He hasn’t apologized.

Limbaugh continued:

They are scared to death — they are terrified — that Trump is gonna pardon people who are dangerous to the establishment. Call it the swamp if you want. Because let me tell you, nothing’s changed. The people in the Washington establishment, why did they want to stop Trump in the first place? Because they didn’t want what they have been up to (which is no good) for years to ever come out.

They didn’t want Trump to discover it and release it. They remain petrified for the next 12 days that Trump is going to release — somehow, some way — what he knows about these people. In other words, they’re worried to death that he’s got a card or two to play here yet, including the pardon power. They’ve got a lot of stuff to keep covered up. I don’t know if Trump’s gonna write a book.

What do you think? Should Trump declassify and pardon?

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  1. Richard J Maybury of U.S. & World Early Warning Report would like to help President Trump write a book titled “The Swamp Is Worse Than I Thought” Henry Madison Research, EWR 02/21 page 8

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