REPORT: Georgia Secretary of State’s office opens investigation into Trump

Feb. 8, 2021

ATLANTA — The Georgia Secretary of State’s office has opened an investigation on former U.S. President Donald, over allegations that Trump attempted to overturn the state’s 2020 election results, Reuters reports.

The investigation is in response to Trump’s January 2nd phone call in which he pressed Raffensperger to ‘find’ votes.

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. Because we won the state,” Trump said in the phone call leaked by The Washington Post.

“The Secretary of State’s office investigates complaints it receives,” Communications Manager for Voter Education Walter Jones told Reuters. Adding, the investigation is “fact finding and administrative.”

“Any further legal efforts will be left to the attorney general,” Jones said.

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  1. What now? You have all sorts of illegal voting in your corrupt state, and nerve of you to investigate Trump?! Come clean already, Scum. You haven’t noticed the fact when it hit you in your face!

    • There trying to cover everything up they have nothing left but try to make it look like other people are wrong when we the people know your in bed with china in georgia 400 million all it takes to sell out ones country to a real treasonous traitor who has no heart nor balls who hides in the shadows your scum and hopefully officials in georgia will go for treason to know when you apply a little pressure to certain people it’s going to be a domino effect of how the truth is bring to light.

    • Seems to me President Trump was giving you an opportunity to tell the truth and you would not. Such idiocy!! So now you’ll pay the price for your treason. No effort on your part will hurt Our President Trump.

      • Not only did Trump give him a chance to do the right thing, there is undeniable proof of the illegal (and treasonous) actions that took place in Georgia. I hope they do take him to court. Discovery will be Fabulous!!!

    • Those two in Georgia’s high office running the state need to be hanged for treason. There is no room or tolerance for election meddling

    • Not ONE person believes, without a doubt, that Biden won in a legal election against President Trump! If you do believe that….you need to stop smoking peyote and/or get a therapist. No doubts??¿

      • Es un idiota al igual que a los que el sigue. DONALD Trump es el ganador y por tanto el PRESIDENTE 🇺🇸

    • Yes Trump won and we will remember you’ll. come re election.Tired of fraudulent Government. but God hearts the cries of his people.He will repay.

  2. Seriously, if Raffensperger, GA SOS, had done his job, there would be no controversy! Upon seeing Absolute Proof, it was alleged dead people voted, underage voters, and duplicate voters, etc led to a Biden win! President Trump merely suggested to the SOS to void illegitimate votes..,just remove those and I win! (Paraphrasing)! … sounds logical to me, Raffensperger!

  3. 😅🤣😅 Nice try, but the educated among us have listened to the WHOLE phone conversation. It’s a bunch of bunk, but you know that- the thing is, everybody is on to your deceptive tricks. Good luck!

  4. Investigation is stupid. He was pointing out many items of GA fraud and asking them to look at low hanging fruit. Any idiot who listened to the entire call in context of the numbers released from GA itself would know that. GA SOS is an a-hole.

  5. They are reaching now because they know they’re wrong! The main stream media and corrupt politicians have always twisted everything President Trump has said around to make people believe he’s a bad person. But if people have done there fact checking and due diligence in research they would know that he is thee BEST President we have had.
    All these corrupt politicians will be asking for forgiveness when they are all put away.

  6. Well that gives Trump to investigate the fraudulent election in Georgia. How stupid is that sec. of state.

    • Obviously Georgia has a Sec of State that lies,
      Can’t wait for the truth to come forward so the quacko wacko’s can eat crow on their way to prison

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  8. Investigations and lawsuits work both ways. Might I suggest that every disenfranchised voter in Georgia, or for that matter in all states, file a class action lawsuit against the government dictators who have crossed the line and participated in voter fraud esp. that obnoxious Abrams and her sister. While they are at it, sue Dominion and Smartmatic companies for stealing your votes. It is long overdue for conservatives to use the DemoNrats tactics against them.

  9. The voting law was changed illegally for mail in ballots. GA Legislature is the one to change. There were 68% adjudicated the norm is .01. You have refused to allow forensic testing on both ballots and machines. You had previous relationship with Dominion. Then add in the servers from China, Germany, Italy etc and you and Governor Kemp are the ones that need investigated.
    By the way GA was the first state to open during Covid months before Election so mail in ballots shouldn’t have even been used. Just absentee votes.

  10. We all know who needs to be investigated and it isn’t Trump it is you Raffensberger. Your one of the lower scum in the swamp.

  11. Boycott any company based in Georgia. Hit them in the pocket book. Delta, Home Depot and Coca Cola are the 3 largest companies based in Georgia.

    • By doing that you hurt the Trump supporters that work for those companies. I am a GA resident and believe me supporters of President Trump are livid with the crooked SOS here.

  12. I think GA’s agog. and Sec. of Speech of State needs to go to prison for treason!!!!

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  14. So trump wasnt allowed to have his case looked at claiming the election was being tampered , now you want to investigate him ? Wtf how about you look at his case first you double faced corrupted slimy human scums

  15. How low can you go? I guess the: “when in a hole stop
    digging” doesn’t apply for people already belonging in hell. Please remember Mr Raffensberger. Karma is a bitch!! Truth and justice shall prevail in the end.
    I would recommend putting my affairs in order, so you are all sorted when the time comes to pay up!

  16. Hello!! You have to be kidding me!! I have sent 3 requests to GA SOS, Brad Raffensperger, to investigate Election Fraud and have received ZERO response! Brad, you need to sit down and STOP DEFLECTING!! You know GA votes for Trump!! We all know the TRUTH and you will be exposed!!

    • It’s just so quiet I’m getting discouraged haven’t heard anything from Trump or any of the attorneys my heart aches for Donald Trump and his family what they put them through I pray for them every night

  17. I heard the entire call and I seen or heard nothing wrong Trump basically wanted them to know he knew of the fraud, which it is very clear there was, even when they did a recount they still counted fraud votes and did not seem to care that every legal vote should be counted, They are hiding something called fraud

  18. President Trump won – the corruption is deep. Georgia must clean up the election fraud that happened in the Presidential and senate elections.

  19. I think GA should be investigating their own voter fraud and illegal elections practices. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

  20. As a resident of Georgia I can tell you rat face Ratffensperger, little Brian Kemp, nasty slob Gabriel Sterling and all their minions are a huge disgrace to all in my state. Brad is now a media hoe…enjoy your 15 minutes all you sleaze bags will be primaried and out of office…unless you rig that too #sad

  21. GA is nothing but a southern hot mess!!! Time for some new folks to take over that corrupt state

  22. We, the Patriots, know Trump won the 2020 election!! The evidence was in your face until the cheating begun!!

  23. Freaking idiots!!!!! Everyone will be judged at there death bed for this evil agenda against Trump and the people!!!!! They are evil!!! They are cowards!!!!!

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