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Navarro blasts VP Pence’s Chief of Staff as ‘Anti-Maga.’ Says goal is to take out Trump and make Pence POTUS

‘The biggest anti-maga’ force in the Republican party

Feb. 20, 2021

Marc Short, Mike Pence‚Äôs former chief of staff, told Fox News that despite their differences, former President Trump “Thanked the vice president for his service [and] told him he did a great job.”

Short said since Jan. 6, Pence and Trump have had numerous conversation, including one this week.

Former advisor to the Trump, Dr. Peter Navarro joined Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic to discuss Marc Short’s appearance on Fox.

Bannon asked why Marc Short went on Fox News. Dr. Navarro explained that Short is “tool of the Koch Bothers,” who he described as “The biggest anti-maga” force in the Republican party.

Navarro said Short served as a major impediment to former President Trump’s agenda. “He would always block MAGA” policies, Navarro said. Navarro said he had to “push” Short to get him “off his butt” and pursue Trump’s America First polices.

Navarro told Bannon that Marc Short’s mission is to make Mike Pence president or wealth.

Watch the interview below.

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  1. Pence has been trying to take Trump out even before the first election when he conspired with Paul Ryan

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