KINGMAKING: Trump to claim total control of GOP

Unnamed source tells Axios Trump’s speech to CPAC will have the message ‘I’m still in charge’

President Donald J. Trump salutes Marine One from the Blue Room Balcony of the White House Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, following his return from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md. (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks)


In his first post-presidential appearance, Donald Trump plans to send the message next weekend at CPAC that he is Republicans’ “presumptive 2024 nominee” with a vise grip on the GOP’s base, top Trump allies told Axios.

A longtime adviser told Axios that Trump’s speech will be a “show of force,” and said the message will be: “I may not have Twitter or the Oval Office, but I’m still in charge.”

Trump advisers will meet with the former president at Mar-a-Lago this week to plan his next political move, and to set up the machinery for kingmaking in the 2022 midterms.

Trump’s speech Sunday at CPAC in Orlando is designed to show that he controls the party, whether or not he runs in 2024. Trump is the Republican Party,” Trump senior adviser Jason Miller said. “The only chasm is between Beltway insiders and grassroots Republicans around the country. When you attack President Trump, you’re attacking the Republican grassroots.”

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