Man accused of triple murder and cooking the heart of a woman was released early before killing spree, prosecutor says

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma – A man accused of killing three people in southeast Oklahoma was officially charged for murder. 

Lawrence Anderson is being held in the Grady County jail. He is accused in the violent death of his uncle, a 4-year-old girl, and a neighbor.

Horrifying details in the case were revealed in court. 

According to multiple affidavits, Anderson confessed to going to a neighboring house and killing “a white woman.” He also told investigators he took that woman’s, later identified as Andrea Blankenship, heart out and over to his uncle’s house. 

In one affidavit, it said Anderson cooked the heart and tried to get Leon Pye and his wife, Delsie Pye, to eat it. Anderson told investigators this was all before he attacked the couple.

He’s now accused of killing Leon Pye and Leon’s 4-year-old granddaughter, Kaoes Yates, and injuring Delsie Pye.

Grady County District Attorney Jason Hicks said he is upset Anderson’s 20-year sentence was commuted down to just nine years. He only served three of those years and ended up being released a few weeks ago. 

 “There’s a reason why we seek those sentences because we know how long those offenders need to be off the streets,” said Hicks. 

In a press conference, Hicks said he blames criminal justice reform.

“When is enough, enough,” said Hicks. “We have seen criminal justice reform in the state of Oklahoma now for several years, and I would ask all Oklahomans to ask them a question. Do you feel safer in your communities today than before criminal justice reform started?”

Hicks said the death penalty is on the table.

In addition to three counts of first-degree murder, Anderson was also charged with one count of maiming and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

During his initial appearance, the judge denied Anderson bail.

His next appearance is set for April 14.

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