De Blasio unleashes on Gov Cuomo: If allegations true, ‘of course’ he should resign

March 1, 2021

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  1. Deblasio can’t stand it that governor Cuomo had received a reward for how he brought the pandemic down in New York, while he himself to date, had been receiving nothing but criticism,that he has worsened the living conditions in NYC. He is bitter over how he himself has been criticized for his inefficiency in addressing the crime that has worsened in NYC, while gov Cuomo has been praised for handling the pandemic in New York. If anyone should resign for being inefficient in their job it is mayor Deblasio.,not Cuomo.

    • People tend towards”group comformity”. Example one will not be bold and publictly expose their identity and condemn some social wrong,or accuse an individual of some offense if no one else is doing so.,But feel safer to do so only if others step forward and do so first=the “not wanting to be the only one”sort of thing .And it may be that they weren’t actually violated by the accused,but simply dislike the accused and so join the bandwagon in condemning him..
      Then there is the “conspiracy theory” behind these sexual allegations and they are plausible. Before these sexual allegations against the governor, he had 76 percent support of his constituents, therefore holding a good chance of re-election for NY governor. So that any republican running against Cuomo especially given the heavy democratic hold in NYC, would not have been able to win out over Cuomo. Now after these sexual allegations, Cuomo’s favor has diminished down to 47percent approval,he is out of the running. Leaves the door open for another democrat to run against- the republican candidate, thus paving the way for a republican to win out over a less powerful democratic candidate than the powerful constituent support of 76 percent Cuomo had before the sexual accusations went front page.

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