Stanford Doctor: Lockdowns “Worst Public Health Mistake in Last 100 Years”

March 12, 2021


Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford University Medical School, said it will take a years for America to get back the time lost to the lockdowns of 2020. In some cases, he predicts the damage will be permanent.

“It’s going to take a generation,” Bhattacharya told Newsweek. “First we have to recognize the damage exists and then think about creating ways to address it.”


Bhattacharya has been one of the leading advocates calling for a new strategy to minimize the pandemic. He previously described lockdowns as “the biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made.”

In an email sent to Newsweek, Bhattacharya wrote:

I stand behind my comment that the lockdowns are the single worst public health mistake in the last 100 years. We will be counting the catastrophic health and psychological harms, imposed on nearly every poor person on the face of the earth, for a generation.

“It’s absolutely devastating the amount of damage that it’s done worldwide, especially to the poor,” Bhattacharya said of the lockdowns. He asserts the lockdowns protected the rich but not the poor.


In contrast to the draconian lockdowns, Bhattacharya proposes a “Focused Protection” plan aimed to protect older populations who are the most vulnerable to the virus. Bhattacharya contends that the healthy should be allowed to resume life as normal and build up immunity to the virus through natural infection.

Of course, a bevy of public health experts, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have rejected Bhattacharya’s proposal, especially the components of herd immunity. 

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But Bhattacharya remains unwavering in his view. “It’s far past time to get rid of them, the unfocused lockdowns, and think hard about how we can continue to improve on focused protection,” he said.


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