REPORT: Texas bar owner says illegal aliens hiding in his bathrooms

March 13, 2021

A Texas owner of a bar situated on the southern border says the illegal aliens are hiding in his bathrooms and trucks as they seek to evade the border patrol — the latest sign of a surge at the southern border.

“When I go in the mornings, sometimes I go to do some work, there’s people in the bathroom; they hide in the bathrooms,” Lupe Cabrera, who owns “Cabrera’s Bar” told National Review. “Me and my brother own a trucking company, too. They’ll hide in the trucks.”


The crazed situation at the bar in Granjeno, along the Rio Grande, has become an almost daily occurrence. Cabrera’s bar is near the border wall — of which President Biden halted construction — and there is an unfinished section near Cabrera’s establishment.

Cabrera said he has seen a migrant uptick in recent weeks, although it has long been a destination for both legal and illegal migrants coming through.



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