Twitter Using Section 230 To Weasel Out Of Child Sex Trafficking Lawsuit


March 13, 2021

A lawsuit against Twitter filed in January, accuses the social media behemoth of knowingly benefiting financially from the dissemination of sexual abuse material and failing to immediately act on multiple complaints and correspondences asking it to remove the illegal and hurtful content, the Epoch Times reports.


The suit alleges that Twitter failed to report child sexual abuse content in a timely fashion, allowing the content to be viewed over 167,000 times and re-tweeted 2,200 times before it was removed.

In a court filing on Wednesday in federal court in Florida, Twitter did not address allegations that it had “refused” to immediately remove the content after the complaints were made. Instead, it argued that the “sheer volume” of Tweets that are posted on the platform renders it “simply not possible for Twitter…to remove all offending content immediately or accurately in all cases.”

Twitter also defended on grounds of immunity under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The provision largely exempts online platforms from liability for content posted by its users, although they can be held liable for content that violates anti-sex trafficking or intellectual property laws.


“Given that Twitter’s alleged liability here rests on its failure to remove content from its platform, dismissal of the Complaint with prejudice is warranted on this ground alone,” Twitter argued in the motion to dismiss.



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