Rand Paul eviscerates Dr. Fauci: ‘He fashions himself some sort of Greek philosopher, tells you noble lies’

March 14, 2021

Sen. Rand Paul (R‑Ky.) has been one of the few politicians who has regularly questioned Dr. Anthony Fauci’s decision-making during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new interview on “The Ingraham Angle,” Paul once again blasted Fauci for his public health recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that he spreads “noble lies.


“Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham asked Paul, “Senator, you have been one of the few lawmakers to directly call out Dr. Fauci’s lies. Are people afraid to question him? And if so, why?“ Paul responded, “Well, it’s the science — and people are afraid of, you know, scientists, and he’s put on a pedestal.”

“He’s not telling you this because he’s a mean man,” Paul told Ingraham. “He’s telling you this because he feels sorry for you, because you don’t understand and Americans aren’t smart enough to make informed decisions.

The most obvious example of this, Paul added, is Fauci’s statement in the early months of the pandemic that Americans should not wear masks because they would do nothing to stop the spread of the virus.


“Later on, he said all masks do work,” the senator stated, “but that is a lie also because really only the N95 masks work. It is a compilation of lies, but they’re all done to protect you because he doesn’t think you are smart enough to make any of these decisions on your own.”

While discussing the effectiveness of lockdowns and other coronavirus restrictions, Paul said he hoped the issue would be studied “in an objective way.”


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