Twitter locks Newt Gingrich’s account after COVID tweet

March 14, 2021

Former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Newt Gingrich was locked out of his Twitter account for more than a week after he published a tweet criticizing the Biden administration’s troubled response to the crisis on the southern border.

Newt raised concern over immigrants crossing the border illegally who may be infected with COVID-19.


“If there is a covid surge in Texas the fault will not be Governor [Greg] Abbott’s common sense reforms. The greatest threat of a covid surge comes from Biden’s untested illegal immigrants pouring across the border. We have no way of knowing how many of them are bringing covid with them,” Newt tweeted on March 3.

Twitter quickly sent Newt a message explaining that his account was locked for “violating rules against hateful conduct.”


In an opinion piece published in The Washington Times, Gingrich defended his tweet saying that he was reacting to a recent story that said federal officials had no way of testing people who are picked up by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol — or forcing them to quarantine.

To unlock his account, Twitter forced Newt to delete his tweet or go through an appeals process.


In an open letter to Twitter officials, Gingrich posed the following questions:

Do the Twitter censors acknowledge that we are in a pandemic?

Do the Twitter censors acknowledge that testing is a key tool in fighting the pandemic?null

Do the Twitter censors acknowledge that, unlike people entering the country legally, people who come into the United States illegally are not tested for COVID-19?

Do the Twitter censors acknowledge that, unlike U.S. citizens, people who come into the country illegally are unlikely to voluntarily get tested because they are trying to keep a low profile?


Newt noted that the vast majority of those being muzzled on social media are conservatives.

“This entire experience has made it even more clear to me that Twitter is only interested in censoring conservatives,” Newt said.


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