WATCH: Georgia Lt. Gov. bashes Trump while saying ‘election reform’ is not needed

March 14, 2021

Republican Lieutenant Governor of Georgia Geoff Duncan told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd that “Republicans don’t need election reforms to win, we need leadership.”


Duncan said President Trump’s “divisive” strategy is a loser. The Lt. Gov. called on Republicans to focus on a message that, “…includes moderates in the middle to get us to the next election.”


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  1. Georgia needs to get rid of this nut! I support Georgia for making election policies to protect voting and to make sure it is only Legal citizens voting in their communities. Had Georgia had an independent audit done after election fraud was coming forth would of saved us all grief across the USA. No person should be sitting in any government office at any level and no judge should be sitting in any judicial system that turns their back on Legal American citizens and Fraud….

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