MSNBC host shares 2019 photo of crowded Miami Beach in failed COVID shaming attempt

March 22, 2021

Several MSNBC personalities shared a crowded Miami Beach photo to complain about vacationers flouting coronavirus distancing guidelines, but there was one problem: the photo was from 2019.

“Today’s center of the #COVIDIOTS universe is Miami Beach, Florida,” MSNBC analyst Fernand R. Amandi tweeted on Saturday, complete with a photo of a packed beach.

But internet sleuths quickly discovered the photo was taken for a 2019 Sun Sentinel article about Miami Beach law enforcement cracking down on rowdy spring breakers, nearly a year before COVID shut down the United States.

However, that didn’t stop MSNBC host Joy Reid, who is one of two hosts on the left-wing outlet’s primetime lineup with a history of fakes, from sharing the photo with her 2 million followers and wrote, “That literally looks like a microscopic image of a petrie dish,” complete with sick-face emojis.

Amandi acknowledged the mistake Monday morning, but in true fake news form, the correction appeared to get far less attention than the original misinformation.

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