Ron DeSanis to media: ‘You ain’t running over this governor.’ Calls 60 Minutes piece ‘horse manure’

April 6, 2021

Categories: Politics

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  1. Yes, they know that we know since we are on sites like this, but they also know that tens of millions of people are clueless zombies who wear their masks like they fly the American flag on July 4th. They are eternally gullible.

    • Agreed. They called Trump voters Deplorables. We should call Biden voters Gullibles.

  2. Fudging, twisting, out-of-contexting, and omitting the facts as a means to a political end.
    Will the American media ever recover?

  3. Again, where is the Republican Party speaking up and defending Governor DeSantis? Mitch? McCarthy? Fellow governors?
    Their silence gives consent to what 60 minutes did

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