HUGE NEWS: Michigan Elections Forensics Report Says 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied

“…Ballots are being harvested at the precinct level, regulated at the county level, and determined at the state level.”

April 10, 2021

Michigan constitutional attorney Matthew DePerno released his much anticipated Michigan Elections Forensics Report on Friday.

On election night, Antrim County, a traditionally “red” county flipped overwhelmingly to “blue.” The flip raised major flags. The reported results featured a 3,260 vote margin for Joe Biden out of a total of 16,047 votes cast. The wide victory didn’t make sense to most political observers.

Following the oddity, the Antrim County Board of Canvassers conducted a series of recounts. Strangely enough, each recount produced different results.


The first recount on November 5, showed Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 2,494 votes out of a new total of 18,059 votes cast. The second recount conducted on November 21, indicated that Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 3,788 votes out of a new total of 16,044 votes cast.

Finally, on December 17, a hand recount (initially portrayed as an audit) was conducted that revealed that President Trump defeated Joe Biden by 3,800 votes out of a new total of 15,962 votes cast.

Thus, between November 3 and December 17, Donald Trump received an additional 5,250 votes while Joe Biden saw a 1,810 vote decrement. That’s a net swing of 7,060 votes.

The state of Michigan later attributed the tabulation error to the outdated software on the voting machines. According to state officials, the clerk’s staff in Antrim County did not update the media drives for all of the tabulators in the county, so some tabulators did not communicate properly with the county’s central election management system software.


But attorney Matt DePerno wasn’t convinced by the state’s explanation. On behalf of an Antrim County resident, DePerno filed a lawsuit in November of 2020. The state later intervened in the case, which opened the door to “discovery” regarding the Secretary of State’s role in the Antrim County election.

DePerno commissioned an audit of the Antrim county results after being authorized by a state judge. The audit was criticized for lacking what opponents said was the necessary rigor to be considered reliable. Nevertheless, the lawsuit persisted and DePerno issued subpoenas to several county clerks in Antrim, Barry, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties.

Yesterday, DePerno’s released his latest expert report to the court. The court filing includes a voter analysis from Douglas G. Frank. Frank holds a PhD. in “Surface Analytical Chemistry.”

According to Dr. Frank’s work, in nine Michigan counties, including counties in the Detroit metro, over 66,000 ballots were recorded that are not associated with a registered voter from the October 2020 database. Also, Frank says in the counties, voter registration is either near or exceeds the county population.

Frank alleges the same pattern is seen not just in Michigan, but several other swing states too. He asserts that ballots were harvested at the precinct level, regulated at the county level, and determined at the state level.

Watch Dr. Frank’s presentation of the data here.

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    • Exactly,so now that we have proof get sleepy joe OUT OF PRESIDENT TRUMPS WHITE HOUSE

    • Absolutely. How are we fining this before next election? I want to know. Please send me a response.

    • at this point there is no de-certification. Assuming this analysis holds up and it can be shown there was in fact wide spread voter fraud, there would need to be such a national outcry that the dems would have to capitulate. One scenario i read proffered the idea that Trump could be elected Speaker of the House and then Biden and Harris resign making Trump President. Other than that you would need probably the Supreme Court to vacate the election and either have a new one or maybe declare Trump the winner, something like that. All of which is highly unlikely, so don’t get too excited.


      • Seems like the same bad people are repeatedly lying. I’m yotally fed up. We want our rightful President back. I can give you information where Obama went into Michigan election headquarters, locked the doors and threw the staff out, then covered the windows with wood panels. He then put up a black board on the fron wall and told everyone how to vote with instructions. These people must have at least 50yrs. in prison for this. Obama and Soros were the ones, along with Schumer and Pelosi, Stacy Abrams, and many more were complicid to this viter fraud! Y saw this on Fox news in real time. Many other actors ere there especially Governor of MichiganWhitmore.

  2. Now what? A shrug of shoulders and “hope” it doesn’t happen again while a dementia patient has been installed in the Oval Office?

  3. Sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately the left were more successful winning this COVID 19, Mail in voting, celebrity and media polarized election. But the next election ic coming soon. As president Trump just announced, Republicans will take back house and senate, which is very easy in the track record of an out of control radical left dominated president Biden.

  4. Stop talking about the stolen election and get the results rectified. If Biden did NOT win the election, then back a moving van up to the White House and move him out. Then fumigate before letting Trump back in. This country is so broken when it comes to rectifying the MOST IMPORTANT problems facing us. There’s still time to save our country if these things are done quickly. It would be “prayers answered! 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Are the figures utilized in this article and which those statements are based on available for public viewing? Did they use county tax records or an old Census to determine those population numbers? Please verify this incredibly interesting information.

  6. All of this is making sense now, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer are moving things along really fast, this really explains why they started with the pipelines and the border. I believe that they were given heads up that these law suits were on the way with proof in black and white not just someone pulling it out of the sky. Everyone who is involved should have to answer to the people.

  7. Time to get all the bad democratic traitors to the American people out of office and into jails


  9. Hey look, do what they just did to the officer who was just tried and found guilty, the revoked his bond and took him straight to jail. Well you did the audit, found out that the votes were for president Trump and not Biden, and there were others like this one, so don’t just report about it got damnit let’s do something about it. Just like this damn hunter Biden shit, it’s been proven that he did it, and also the Michael Flynn case along with the Russian hoax, stop just reporting about it let’s get the legal system involved now, not two years from now. President Trump has been disrespected from day one by all of those damn liberal Democrats and some of those RHINOS.

  10. Felt it was obvious Trump won…votes belonged to dead people or people who stuffed the box..So what are you going to do about this? That is very important. Save America.

  11. Speaking as a Canadian observer, the American election is like a bank robber cleaning out the bank and when he’s caught he’s appointed President of the bank, allowed to keep all the money but promises he’ll be a good boy from now on even though they’ve been making that promise for the past 150 years.. Do you remember when America was a democracy?

    • We are not a democracy.. we are a constitutional republic.. there’s a difference.. democracy is 50% plus 1can send people to the gas chambers

  12. What positively stuns is not so much that there were hundreds complicit in the zero-integrity theft… but that there are so many millions willing to go along without a second’s hesitation. Obviously, the same tactics were used in Nazi Germany and in ‘1984’. (I have 2 family members who have fallen prey to the blatantly false indoctrinations… and they’re not stupid people. CORRECTION: “weren’t’)

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