Minnesota BLM Activist Arrested on Sex Offender Warrant

April 16. 2021

Minnesota media darling and BLM activist Chaz Neal was arrested on April 9 for a warrant stemming from a conviction in an unlawful sex with a minor case. The warrant was issued by a Fillmore County Judge for failing to register as a sex offender.

Chaz Neal has been an outspoken BLM activist who has placed himself front and center in the fight ‘social justice.’ Numerous legacy media outlets like VICE, USA Today, Axios, Yahoo, Star Tribune, and The Guardian have all given Neal a platform to speak.

Neal runs a radical left-wing Facebook page called the “Chaz Neal Human Rights Commision [sic].” Earlier this month, Neal told the Guardian: “Seeing that video [George Floyd] last year changed my life. I wanted to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.”

The Guardian reports Neal has been protesting at the courthouse since the first official day of the trial, which began with jury selection in early March.

Judge Matthew Opat signed the warrant based on a complaint filed in 2018 stating that Neal had rented an apartment in Preston, Minn., but failed registered as a sex offender when taking the apartment as his primary address.

As a sex offender, Neal is required by state law to register his primary address as a condition of his release after being convicted in Hennepin County in 2012 for a sex-related offense.

WATCH Neal’s arrest:

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