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WATCH: General Flynn’s Message To Americans On What’s Coming Next

April 16, 2021

The fight for the “truth” is playing out in two 2020 election-related developments in Michigan and Arizona, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said this week.

More than five months after the November contest, from which President Joe Biden emerged the victor, Flynn insisted to a crowd in Nashville on Monday that former President Donald Trump won the election.

The former Trump national security adviser pointed to a pair of controversial events — a lawsuit in Antrim County, Michigan, and a Republican-led Arizona Senate audit of election results in Maricopa County — as being “tactically” important.

Flynn called both the Antrim County case and Maricopa County audit “very, very important” and a “big, big deal,” respectively, as he answered questions at an “America’s Future” event hosted by the religious group Regeneration Nashville.

WATCH Flynn’s full remarks here:

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  1. Election fraud is so very obvious given the massive amount of evidence that continues to surface. The proof is amplified by the behavior of the opposition with their ongoing resistance to the audit. Nothing can stop what is coming. Audits in other states, increased public awareness, criminal charges to those complicit in the election fraud, decertifications, and ultimately (dare I say it) reinstating Donald Trump to the presidency.

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