Houston doctor claims to have successfully treated over 20K patients with hydroxychloroquine

April 17, 2021

As coronavirus cases continue to plummet across the nation, one Texas physician says she has successfully treated over 20,000 patients using the hydroxychloroquine cocktail.

Dr. Stella Immanuel says she’s successfully treated tens of thousands of patients with

hydroxychloroquine. Immanuel told OAN that she’s convinced the virus is being “hyped” by the media.

Immanuel says that while COVID-19 is a lethal virus, it is not nearly as deadly as it has been portrayed. Immanuel says there is effective treatment and prevention. Immanuel explained she uses a hydroxychloroquine cocktail to treat patients. COVID-19 is “very manageable, easy to treat,” she said.


Immanuel created a firestorm in the summer of 2020 after she appeared in a viral video. “Nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure – it is called hydroxychloroquine, I have treated over 350 patients and not had one death,” said Dr. Immanuel.

Facebook and Twitter quickly took down the viral video, claiming it violated their policies about misinformation — but not before it was retweeted by Donald Trump and one of his sons.

“They are censoring us because we are speaking the truth.” She told OAN. “They want to sell vaccine[s],” the doctor said.


Immanuel’s interview with OAN:

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