Ted Cruz Says He’s Done With Stupid COVID Games — Refuses to Wear Mask

April 17, 2021

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz said he won’t wear a face mask in the Capitol because he and everyone else in the Senate have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

‘At this point I’ve been vaccinated. Everybody working in the Senate has been vaccinated,’ he told CNN.

Not all Capitol Hill staff have been vaccinated nor have all the reporters who work on Capitol Hill. The first doses of the COVID vaccine were offered to lawmakers and senior staff.

Most senators wear face masks. A notable exception is Senator Rand Paul, who has steadfastly refused to wear one even during the height of the pandemic.


Paul, an ophthalmologist, claims he has antibodies from the virus after he had a case of it about a year ago.

‘I have immunity. I’ve already had the virus, so I can’t get it again and I can’t give it to anybody,’ he told reporters on Capitol Hill in May of last year. 

Cruz defended his decision not to wear a face-covering even after being reminded that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people who have been vaccinated wear masks in public.

‘CDC has said in small groups, particularly with people who were vaccinated don’t need to wear masks,’ he told CNN. 

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