BREAKING: Judge halts Maricopa County Audit After Democrats Sue

April 23, 2021

UPDATE: The Arizona Democrat Party refused to put up the $1 million bond. The party said: “The Arizona Democratic Party will not risk our supporters’ hard-earned dollars to pay off the Cyber Ninjas for a procedure they are billing Arizona taxpayers to the tune of $150,000.”

As a result of the refusal to post the bond, the audit will continue this weekend uninterrupted.

A Maricopa County Superior Judge paused the recount efforts in the county after Democrats filed a last minute suit.

Today in court, the Arizona Democratic Party and County Supervisor Steve Gallardo argued the recount process violates state election law in numerous ways. The lawsuit argues, for example, the Senate has not set up proper security to protect ballots, voting machines and voter information.

Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury said he wants to ensure the recount fully complies with Arizona law and asked for more information by Monday morning on the audit’s policies and procedures.

The judge said the recount will be stopped at 5 p.m. tonight if Gallardo or the Democrats post a $1 million bond.

“I do not want to micromanage and it is not the posture of this court to micromanage or even to manage the process by which another branch of government, the Legislature, the Arizona state senate proceeds,” Coury said.

“However, it is the province of the court to ensure voter information and those constitutional protections are held sacrosanct and that also includes the protection of ballots under Arizona law.”

The judge set another hearing for 11 a.m. Monday.

This is a developing story. Check back with The Election Wizard for the latest.

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