Court to hear evidence in Arizona election audit case

April 26, 2021

A newly appointed judge in the Arizona audit case has set an 11 a.m. evidentiary hearing tomorrow (Tuesday), according to lawyers on the case.

Yesterday evening, Judge Christopher Coury suddenly recused himself. Coury, a Republican, said he bowed out because one of the lawyers representing Cyber Ninjas use to be his extern. To avoid any conflicts of interest, Judge Coury said he would recuse himself from the case.

Judge Daniel Martin, a Democrat appointee, was assigned the case earlier today.

Judge Coury’s recusal would appear to allow Senate Republicans and Cyber Ninjas to run out clock. But the Arizona Democratic Party requested ‘immediate hearing.’ Last week, the Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit geared toward stopping the state Senate audit of 2020 election results.

Judge Martin said both sides will be afforded ten days to explain how the court should resolve the case. In the meantime, the hand recount of over 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County continues.

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