WATCH: Bannon issues urgent warning about Arizona election audit

April 27, 2021

Steve Bannon told his audience on Monday to batten down the hatches and prepare for a massive disinformation onslaught. “The mainstream media is now coming in for their bombing runs. It’s going to be insanely intense on this and we’re going to have a lot to do and a lot to say.”

Bannon warned that Trump supporters should expect to receive heavy flak from all sides. “You have a lot of vested interests that do not want to see patriots grind through this.” He continued, “The one thing you should know is the mainstream media is going to come on top of this like you’ve never seen before.”

Bannon added, “The intensity from Rachel Maddow cringing the other day on Friday night, to Sarah Murray and CNN being all over this and Jim Acosta, you’re going to get it nonstop.”

Bannon described the Maricopa County recount as a “1000 percent grassroots movement” and he called on “patriots” to hold the line.


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