Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt to decide on bill to ban teaching of critical race theory and mandatory diversity training

May 4, 2021

The Oklahoma House held a redo vote yesterday on a bill Republicans say will ban the teaching of critical race theory (“CRT”) and prevent mandatory diversity training in Oklahoma schools.

CRT attempts to re-write history by asking students to consider how racism permeates society, but House Bill 1775 bans teaching concepts like students should feel guilt on account of their race or sex, or that certain races are inherently racist.

HB1775 was brought back to the floor Monday because of what Republican leaders described as a “voting anomaly.” Some Democratic lawmakers said a House Republican not present for Thursday’s vote on the bill was marked down as voting in favor of it.

The bill passed 77–18 on the revote, with all House Democrats opposed.

Last week, Republican lawmakers suspended House rules to vote on the bill after it was determined Senate amendments that completely changed the bill from its original subject broke the rules.

HB1775 also bans mandatory diversity training at state colleges and universities. Its language comes from an executive order then-President Donald Trump issued in 2020 to ban diversity training in federal agencies and by entities receiving federal funding.

HB 1775 included an emergency clause, which means the law could take effect immediately if signed by Republican Governor Kevin Stitt.

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